Final Fantasy x Step by Step: Recruitment of bombing players (2023)

Lightning players recruitment

You can establish many different players to join your blitzball team after completing the events.Luca. Many players are stronger than members of the Besaid Auroch team with whom they start the game, and although they have a limited number of squad spaces they can fill, they can slowly discard the terrible players they have, what you haveWhen when you have when you find it stronger.

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Free agents against contractual players

Many of the best lightning ball players are not available if you can start blitzball tournaments for the first time. That's why you want to consider recruiting players or playing ray balls until they haveHe received the aircraftIf you have the aircraft, you can fly anywhere in the recruitment and hiring of Spira.

While some of the players listed below can be recruited as soon as they talk to them (free agents), some of the best lightning players are actually those who play for other teams (Luca's visitors, A Psyche al Bhed, etc.).The only way to recruit these players is to wait for the current contract and expect the team you play not to extend your contract. There is the possibility that the team is the contract and one of your team members, allows a free agent to hireThis player and join his team.

An effective strategy with which a player from another team can get is continuing when your contract expires. If you have a game on your contract, keep your game in aBallPlay a light ball game and make sure your team has been neglected to extend your contract. You can talk to you to find out how many games you left in your contract.

Players Statistics

They want their attackers to have high shootings (SH) and resistance statistics, their environment, which has a high passport (PA) and resistance statistics, their high attack defense (AT) and block (BL) have (BL)) (BL)) Statistics and finally for your goalkeeper to have a high crash (BL).

There are also some "hidden statistics" offered by some players and advantages. This includes an RNG (Range) statistics, RCH (SCOPE) -stat and a statistical character of morality can swim through water.Fast. Brother is one of the fastest players, which makes him extremely valuable.

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The next section contains tips for building an ideal team with certain characters. In doubt, you can get a Flashball tournament with several different team combinations if you wish.

Use the following descriptions and screenshots to find each of the players. As mentioned above, it may be necessary to expect some of you to make a contract before you can configure them to your team, which is specified in the following descriptors.Back if you don't renew your original team.

Players are listed more / ideal for each position in order. They can replace this character, depending on the availability of individual characters with other characters, if the strongest player is under contract. However, it is more important than statistics,In Lightning Ball: Tournaments with appropriate winning strategies.

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Strategy and strategy tips and advice with which you can defeat opposite teams in bombing tournaments and league games.

tightenFinal Fantasy x Step by Step: Recruitment of bombing players (4)GustoIf you are close to a player to recruit your team.

The positions you should recruit you in include:
- Linke Feld (LF)
- Law Field (RF)
- Midfams (MF)
- Left defense (LD)
- Correct defense (RD)
- Goalkeeper (GL)

Left field player

Your left and right fields are your main attacks and protection. You will be responsible for receiving your points for you. To discuss the maximum potential.


Tidus is an obvious option for your left or right advance positions. Although your statistics are not necessarily the best compared to other lightning ball players (especially later at the level), this only makes access to the ability to shout the JECHT tostronger character. In the game.S.s. Winno tutorialMore information about the reception of Jecht Shot.

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On the bridgeAirship.

Wakka is by no means one of the strongest players in the game, but they have early access to him if some of the other strikers are already in the contract and can act as a mediocre position in the left or right position.

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On the right

In the docks ofOriginally click.

Larbight is the strongest front player you can get and becomes stronger and stronger at each level that reaches. You can throw easily (SH) -but also has a very strong attack (AT), not typical ofMost attackers are often found in most of the "best Ray ball teams". However, it starts with Kilika -besstien, so it may not be able to pick it up immediately.

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In one of the housesOriginally click.

The strongest statistics of the isken are resistance, which means that almost all attacks can support and maintain the procession of the ball. This can make it possible to break 3-4 defenders with relative ease. The game also begins to Kilika - the counters are completedto be difficult to obtain.

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To bend
One of the huts inDorf dorf.

Vilucha is on the weaker side until much later. In this point, their statistics start firing (SH) and resistance. I want to play Wakkas received overwhelming andWorld championHowever, it is difficult to get, as Dark Valefor is the entrance to the people of Besaid (depending on how far you are in the game and which version you play).Dark Aeon SectionMore information about Dark Valefor and how you defeat them.

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Half -Campist

Your environment will be at the center of the campaign all the time. You want you to have strong resistance to block other players and strong passes to use the ball for your attackers in the field.

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One of the bridges ofAirship.

Brother is easily one of the strongest players of the lightning ball for each team. The statistics are impressive, but what often goes unnoticed is that the brother is a little faster than most other Ray players.They have a ball procession. This leads to almost every game, with each attack, and significantly increases the overall benefit of your team.

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In the shipping area ofAirship.

Berrik is the second best half -cabin, mainly due to its statistics. Berrik's resistance (s) and step (PA) increase faster than most other characters. The brother is probably more useful, so that they can consider itIt, especially in view of the fact that he is contractual with the psyche Bhed.


High Attack (AT) and High Block (BL) are all their defenders. They are one last line of defense against the goalkeeper and, hopefully, not seeing many measures.

At the travel agency along travel agenciesSee 'Unusual Costs GH Loa D.

ROPP is definitely the strongest defender. It's a little slow, but your job is to sit on the back and take care of attackers that make it easier due to their high attack (AT) and safe blocking statistics, you can choose to arrive early when notis signed for each team.

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In the tavern in the pier areaOriginally click.

Kulukan is not as strong as Ropp, but probably the second biggest advocate of the game. The disadvantage is that he starts playing with the Kilika Besty game, so you should expect a contract to take over.

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On the next bridgeDjose -Tempel.

Kyou starts with good enough statistics and is a great advocate who acts as a filling instead of Kulukan. Don't start playing for a team so you can pick it up in dings as quickly as possible.

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In the shipping area ofAirship.

Nimrook is the strongest goalkeeper of the game with a great advantage. You can make life extremely difficult for you to face it in an opposite game, because your capture statistics (CA) are very high.

Finding is easy ... However, the difficulty is to get it. It starts to work with Al Bhed Pyschen and usually come back. It is possible to keep it, but you should work hard with the above strategy.

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On the north coast ofMondFlow.

Miyu is a good second option for a goalkeeper. In the capture (approx.), It increases very fast, but does not have access to many technical skills. The game also starts without signs so you can pick it up quickly while trying Nimrooook first to get.

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As mentioned above, it is quite possible to successfully achieve the league tournaments and games with almost every characters. The inclusion of these characters helps, but a successful strategy is the most important step.Strategy section and bombing tipsFor additional information.

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