Silvester 2024 in Budapest - (2023)

A city with a double soul -romantic and nostalgic, dynamic and modern-budapestIt is a destination that even inSilvestreIt really caters for everyone: couples looking for magic and charm, young people willing to go to bed as late as possible, families who want to have a good New Year's Eve without fear of firecrackers and alcohol.

Silvestre en BudapestIt's everything you can find in London and Paris, but in a smaller, safer and more intimate setting. Another good reason to choose eastern Paris as a vacation destination is that it's much cheaper, but no less charming, than other hyped-up European capitals.

You cancelebrate new year's eveIn the traditional way, at street parties or a sumptuous dinner in a luxury restaurant, enjoy the romantic experience of a night cruise on the Danube with a view of the fireworks or the even more unique experience of swimming in a warm thermal pool at the fresh air .

And for those looking for nightlife? Don't worry, Budapest has a wide variety of clubs that can satisfy all your nightlife desires and hosts a lot of year themed parties.

What to do on New Year's Eve in Budapest

How to celebrate New Year's Eve in Budapest and what are the best suggestions for visitors to the city? Here is a mini guide that will help you live the New Year of your dreams.

Parties in the square and fireworks

oparties in the squares on new year's eve in budapestthey are more sober than those that take place in more popular capitals such as London, Paris or Amsterdam.

They are also guaranteed in the Hungarian capitalFireworks, open bottles, smiles and good wishes, but without the excesses that spoil the party in other crowded and noisy situations, such as firecrackers fired indiscriminately into the crowd, excessive amounts of alcohol, objects thrown from the counters.

You will see many people dancing in the squares and streets.Devil, the most famous traditional Hungarian dance: soon you too will want to join the fight and experience this exciting dance.

The nerve center of outdoor celebrations isPlaza Vorosmarty, where people gather to wait for the 12 chimes that mark the arrival of the New Year. It is easy to reach on foot from Vaci Utca, the pedestrian street in the center of Budapest and the most famous among tourists. However, the best view of the fireworks is from the banks of the Danube or, even better, from the boat.

On the night of December 31, the square comes alive withStreet foodThe stalls are open until late, perfect for those who don't want to lock themselves up to eat in a restaurant or for those who get hungry after midnight.

If you want to experience the outdoor celebrations like a local, remember that Hungarians like to wear oddly shaped and brightly colored wigs, masks and hats. You can easily buy them in the small shops in the center.

Where to eat New Year's Eve

Silvester 2024 in Budapest - (1)

Compared to other European capitals, it is easier to find a restaurant without a reservation in Budapest on the night of December 31. definitely not nice.

Also, as in all big cities, the best restaurants sell out on the night of December 31: if you want to be sure, it is best to reserve a table in advance. The good news is that New Year's Eve dinner in Budapest is not expensive: you can eat in a good restaurant for 50.00 euros.

What to eat on New Year's Eve in Budapest?

According to Hungarian tradition, eating pork and lentils on New Year's Eve brings good luck, while eating chicken or fish brings bad luck. In fact, it is a family tradition, while restaurants offer varied menus. You decide whether to follow taste or superstition!

for lovers ofNew Yearwe chose dinnerbest restaurants for New Year's Eve dinner in Budapest,All are characterized by a refined cuisine and elegant surroundings.

Araz Restaurant

Budapest, calle Dohány 42-44, 1074 Hungary (Website)

ARAZis the refined restaurant of the luxurious Continental Hotel, located in the heart of the old Jewish Quarter, transformed from an old Art Nouveau spa. The contemporary decoration has been designed to emphasize the characteristics of the historic building and create an elegant environment with a welcoming atmosphere. For December 31, it proposes a gala dinner with an exclusive menu that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

21 - Hungarian restaurant

Budapest, Fortuna u.21, 1014 Hungary (Website)

Traditional to taste:21is a restaurant that offers typical Hungarian recipes reinvented with a modern twist. With elegant contemporary decor, it is located on a historic street in the Castle District and is especially known for its carefully selected wine list, which includes the best Hungarian wines.


Budapest, Zrinyi Street 5, 1051 Hungary (Website)

Looking for something typically Hungarian? theRestaurante do Duna Pallota, the magnificent theater of Budapest, where the unity of the city was declared, is the best option for you. On New Year's Eve it organizes a 5-course gala dinner, followed by a concert of traditional Hungarian music by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and a midnight reception.

Events, clubs and discos in Budapest

Silvester 2024 in Budapest - (2)

Nightlife in Budapest is hectic and New Year's Eve is no exception. If you don't want to waste time looking for a club nearby, here are three recommended clubs for New Year's Eve in Budapest.

Club y Bar Liget

Budapest, Népligeti út 2, 1101 Ungarn (Website)

With capacity for more than 5,000 people, theClub y Bar LigetIt is a 4-story mega club recommended for those who like to do it in style. At the New Year's Eve party it offers a musical experience of pure fun with DJ sets Dance, R'n'B, Retro, international hits and Nu Disco. Spectacular visual effects add more clues to your night of wild fun.


Budapest, Calle Kazinczy 21, 1075 Hungary (Website)

Excellent sound system, trendy music (mainly house and electronic), a trendy bar offering signature cocktails, and a casual-chic clientele.Ms(formerly Hetkert) one of the most popular clubs in Budapest, even on New Year's Eve.


Budapest, Zrinyi Street 4/A, 1051 Hungary (Website)

oHardit is considered a guarantee of fun for all. Housed in a beautiful 19th-century building just steps from St. Stephen's Basilica, it's a three-story club loved by Hungarians and tourists alike. It offers different musical genres such as rock, hip hop and minimal sound.

New Years Cruise

The most romantic and suggestive way to spend New Year's Eve in Budapest is without a doubt thisdanube cruise. One of the best experiences in Budapest at any time of the year, the night of the 31st is simply magical: you see the city illuminated before your eyes and have a unique opportunity to admire both banks.

oNew Years Cruises in Budapestthey also include dinner; sometimes good snacks are served instead of a full dinner. On the stroke of midnight, you can toast to seeing the fireworks from an unusual perspective, without the crowds and cold of the squares.

The duration and prices of cruises on the Danube on New Year's Eve vary greatly depending on the company chosen and the services offered.

new year is not fun

Would you like to celebrate New Year's Eve in an original way with something that you can only do in Budapest? So don't miss themNew Year's Eve party at the historic Gellert Baths, a magnificent modernist house from the beginning of the 20th century.

oPalomas are one of the most famous tourist attractions in Budapest and definitely deserve to be included in your vacation itinerary. Why not on the night of December 31?

On this special day, the spa's opening hours are extended and you can soak in hot water to mark the passing of the old year into the new, regardless of the low temperatures that hit the Hungarian capital during this period. Lights and DJ sets liven up the night so you can have fun and have fun together with the pleasure of hot water.

Even theSzéchenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest's other historic spa town, often hosts New Year's Eve parties. It is the largest spa in Europe with 3 huge outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools: a truly unique place for an original New Year's Eve.

How to plan New Year's Eve in Budapest

Celebrate New Year's Eve in BudapestIt is an ideal option for budget travelers as prices are generally cheaper than in other European capitals.

However, it is necessary to plan your holidays in advance because much has been said about the good prices in Budapest and the many proposals for New Year's Eve, so you run the risk of finding sold out planes and the best hotels, the best restaurants and the best parties.

You don't want to miss out on the best, do you? so start nowPlanning your New Year's Eve in Budapest: book turn theflight, aHotel, arestaurantthe scenecruiseand/or the disco party. No need to go to an agency: it's easy to do it yourself and you can save on commissions charged by tour operators.

It is also advisable to reserve in advance the activities to be carried out before and after December 31: tickets forMuseums, monuments and guided toursThey are usually cheaper when purchased online in advance.

flights to budapest Where to stay in Budapest Budapest-Karte The best things to do in Budapest

Tips for celebrating New Year's Eve in Budapest

There are no special tips to follow to experience a New Year's Eve in Budapest without unpleasant surprises. There are the usual safety recommendations (keep your wallet and valuables safe) and some precautions to deal with winter temperatures.

As already mentioned, the most popular experiences such as the best restaurants, the most exclusive cruises and the parties in the most famous clubs must be booked in advance. Club tickets, in particular, go on sale many weeks before December 31, with prices gradually increasing as the fateful date approaches. Some clubs have a dress code: find out before you go to avoid arriving without the appropriate clothing.

New Year's weather and temperatures

owinter in budapestit is quite difficult withtemperaturesaround zero and often below zero. In order not to spend New Year's Eve having a cold chat, pack heavy clothes, hats and scarves in your suitcase. A waterproof jacket and shoes are also recommended asprecipitationIt is not uncommon.

With proper care, you can enjoy the magical winter atmosphere of Budapest, perfect for New Year's Eve celebrations, and maybe even admire this beautiful snow-white city.

To know and see the weather of Budapest in real timeforecast forVisit in the next few daysWeather in BudapestPage.

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