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When we think about the usability of a software platform, we are concerned not only with the UX/UI of the service, but also with the support that the user receives throughout the experience and the customer. So we'll look at the customer service and training resources available for each platform to determine which one is easiest to use.

Availability of transactions from the nascent society

The Sprout Social interface provides a great user experience and is one of the factors that make this platform a top social media management tool. While the platform may not offer live chat, users are happy with phone and email support.


lack of

Telephone and e-mail support at all levels

ingen live chat

Online Knowledge Center

Training courses and webinars

The powerful dashboard is easy to navigate and use

Hootsuite Ease of use

Another top social media management tool, Hootsuite also has a great user interface with few negative comments from users about the user experience. The platform made the strange decision to only offer live chat support for customer service.


lack of

Live chat for support purposes

There is no phone or email support

Online Knowledge Center

Training courses and webinars

user friendly interface

Which platform is better?

Since the two platforms are so evenly matched across UI/UX and each has a significant library of learning resources available to their user base, the only major difference between the two platforms is customer support. Phone and email support is available through Sprout Social for all service levels, and we think Sprout Social has an advantage over Hootsuite in this regard.

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Which platform is better?

Since the two platforms are so evenly matched across UI/UX and each has a significant library of learning resources available to their user base, the only major difference between the two platforms is customer support. Phone and email support is available through Sprout Social for all service levels, and we think Sprout Social has an advantage over Hootsuite in this regard.


We covered analytics and reporting in general in the features and functionality section above, but as big data becomes a driving force in our social media marketing strategies, we wanted to delve into the pros and cons of each platform's data tracking methods and how they feed this information back to the user.

Bud Social Analysis

Sprout Social has a small advantage in that it provides some level of granular access to all plans, but the lack of reporting and data customization makes it hard to see the platform as a real advantage. Many of the cons of Sprout Social analytics revolve around important analytics being locked behind add-ons or more expensive higher tiers.


lack of

All plans provide relevant breakdowns

Advanced Analytics is an add-on

Competitor analysis limited to program level

Custom reports are an add-on


Like its competitors in this comparison, Hootsuite's critics often cite the platform's portal of key analytics behind the high payout tiers as a key feature of the platform. One advantage that Hootsuite offers that Sprout Social does not is the ability to access custom reports of all user levels.


lack of

Custom reports available at no additional cost

Ad analytics and audience demographics are only available through add-ons

The professional level provides basic data analysis

Competitor analysis is only available through plugins.

Which platform is better?

A common community consensus is that the two platforms are about equal in terms of access and analytics functionality, with Hootsuite gaining a slight edge by allowing users to create custom reports.

Sprout Social vs Hootsuite Expert Review

To further compare Sprout Social to Hootsuite, we reached out directly to industry experts. We asked them which tool they prefer to use and why they chose a social media management platform. The responses we received reinforce this analysis as the two platforms are considered a good match.The overall community response has singled out Sprout Social as their preferred choice. We've included some key quotes from our interviewees to give our readers an insight into what the user experience is like.

Users who like Sprout Social

"We have a lot of social media clients and we want to add more. So we needed a platform that would allow multiple departments to access the platform and give a large number of clients a large social profile - something that would grow with us. We found that we The analytics we get from Sprout measure the KPIs we need and the KPIs our customers are looking for so we can make informed decisions.”

Jennifer Leavens, digital producer and social media specialist,technological alliance

"Of the two platforms, Sprout offers a superior user experience. The platform is intuitive and easy to use. It allows businesses and institutions to understand and track metrics on a simple reporting page. I found Hootsuite's functionality boring. It offers comparable reporting and services , but a different experience. It's like visiting an unresponsive website. Given the fees they charge, they could have designed the platform better."

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Sheldon Semmler, Founder and CEO,digital marketing display

"I use Sprout Social on a daily basis for various clients. The best time to post feature is great for maximizing the impact of your content, while reporting, listening and other features allow you to see your progress in real time and to make necessary adjustments for the right direction".

Michelle Corker, founder andChairman,Public affairs template

"When you log into your dashboard, the first thing you notice is the analytics. This is important because it provides near-real-time snapshots and aggregated patterns that help you better understand your audience. I call this 'Stream Analytics' because it says you what's happening with your social media campaigns at all times. By integrating Sprout Social with Google Analytics, you can better understand the value of your social media campaigns to drive more visitors and sales."

— Matt Weidle, Director of Business Development,Buyer's Guide

"Social Sprout offers an additional feature - its Social CRM, which allows us to capture the history of interactions with any social media account that follows us or that we follow. By increasing the alignment between marketing and sales, this information helps sellers ancillary."

- Founder Ryan Stewart,Weber

"We use Sprout Social at our company and prefer it over Hootsuite because of one feature: competitor analysis reports. For Facebook and Instagram, you can track competitors and get comparison reports. I contacted several companies and found that Sprout is the only software that can do this. This is important because it keeps customers. By looking at the number of followers similar accounts have gained in the same time period, you can manage expectations. This kind of benchmarking means more hassle and happier customers ."

— James Oliver, Director,Toaster oven developed


"I would choose Sprout Social because it is a comprehensive platform that allows social media marketing teams to create and schedule social posts. The Posts tab displays user interactions such as comments and tweets. Users can use the Feeds tab to create and Schedule social posts. One place to see all their social feeds. They can then add Twitter lists and their Page feeds to their accounts, as well as reply, retweet, direct message and more."

— Jeroen van Gils, CEO,Life Network

"When it comes to functionality, there's very little choice between the two platforms. However, Sprout Social doesn't have something that Hootsuite doesn't: a phone number! If I have a question, I can call and talk to someone right away. For someone like me. For business owners, this is critical. If something goes wrong when I launch a new product or campaign, we need to fix it immediately. To do that, it's very important to have a person online." - Founder Rick Hoskinspotion king

Users who like Hootsuite

"We use Hootsuite to track analytics and schedule social media posts for clients. It's also a great way to organize clients and their platforms."

Camille Sapiera, Specialist Digital Marketing,2 blade

"We prefer Hootsuite. The platform's ease of use and overall UI/UX and overall toolset make it the best platform overall."

Blake Nolan, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer,storm brain

"I think Hootsuite is slightly better than Sprout Social for creating social media posts, understanding audience analytics, and listening to your market. Overall, Hootsuite offers higher value per use, more integrations, and just as good management social media."

- Paul Sherman, Chief Marketing Officer,olive

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"Organized in a multi-column, customizable style, the dashboard is one of Hootsuite's most unique features. Each social network has its own tabs, and within each tab, different feeds can be created specifically for that account. Hootsuite is the makes more sense if you run a medium to large business and can afford the cost of reporting or want to quickly monitor multiple streams on one screen."

— Michael Robinson, Security Specialist,Cheap SSL security

"Hootsuite provides detailed action reports for your social media profiles, which is exactly what we expect from social media management software. This is where Hootsuite wins the battle for me. Hootsuite can be time-consuming to learn at first, but it definitely it's worth it.” - Founder Brian Kelleherkiller guitar rig

"After years of using both software, the biggest advantage of choosing Hootsuite over SproutSocial is the ease of use of the CRM side of the platform. While SproutSocial is a top-notch tool, Hootsuite's more customizable collaboration capabilities mean that employees We can easily double account management in a clear and efficient way."

— Connor Hewson, CEO,Be confident in your marketing

"Hootsuite is really good, especially for small businesses and freelancers. I love using their feeds and the Analytics are easy to read. Hootsuite has a great layout and is truly a one-stop shop for managing multiple social media channels and accounts." "

—Margaret H. Geiger, Owner and Founder,Twelve31 Media LLC


We want to be clear that in this comparison we are evaluating two of the best social media management tools on the market today. These platforms are very popular and very powerful and effective tools that help marketers effectively manage the execution of their media strategies. They match up pretty well in a general sense, and it takes a deep dive into each of the elements discussed above to determine where the real competitive advantage lies in the comparison. With that in mind, let's take a look at the summary chart to see which platforms came out on top.

developing society


They are received

Features and functions

third party integration



society's opinion


Hootsuite managed to beat Sprout Social in every factor we analyzed in this study, except for ease of use and community opinion. We also found that Sprout Social outperformed Hootsuite in managing customer expectations and customer engagement through the platform. Community feedback favors Sprout Social as the tool of choice. Ultimately, however, we award Hootsuite the title of the ultimate social media software solution.

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